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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food and Thought


  1. Nice.

    Haven't read the book, but when one's whole world becomes 'My Life In Japan' (or anywhere, for that matter), it's easy to see how the dissatisfaction becomes rampant. I killed my Japan-themed blog a long time ago for that reason...

    1. Thank you.

      My biggest challenge is just being me 'cause I'm one of those people who had kind of forgotten who he was... a little different from reinventing oneself. (Yawn)


      The book happened to be on the table. G-ma and G-pa had brought over some KFC, like they usually do even though they know the calories are not exactly the best kind. But I'll eat just about anything that isn't moving too fast. The napkins were pretty much what was left. For a background, the placemat was just a little too busy (distracting), so I reached for Loco.

      I'm kind of in the middle of outlining a book review-ish post that weaves a few threads back to the discussion of 'being here' in a way that hopefully gets some satisfaction.

      We'll see.

  2. I thought his book was pretty cool, but all of his posts now of days are the old angry black man deal. His most recent discussion, he turned off his comments, so thats the nail in the coffin for his "pro" discussion forums. He must not be getting the response he is looking for.

    Great post as usual btw, it was hilarious.

    1. I also noticed that comments were not on. And I haven't read through the latest post quite yet, but I do make time to read everything he writes. At the moment, his book is open:

      "To you, this is some kind of educational experience, you're own laboratory of human nature. But, to most of these soldiers, this is their lives! I think recently you've realized this and come to respect that fact." (184)

      I happen to like his writing... it's just that the number of comments he has to deal with must be overwhelming. Not necessarily due to the numbers themselves, but due to the nature of the negative comments - which he appears to handle extremely well.

      "Where is he going from here?" is what I find myself wondering. What direction all of this is going to take... people come here, to Japan, for various reasons, stated and otherwise.

      We are all works in progress. Whenever possible, I prefer the company of people who understand this because for those who don't, people like me tend to be just part of the scenery - which is not necessarily a complaint.

      Will be interesting to see what happens to the discussion forums.

      Oh, yeah... it was not my intent to publish this post to make anyone laugh, but I'm pleased if it did (without being too sure of why). This isn't the first time I've made a serious comment to have it met with laughter (or an approximation thereof).

      Probably because the way in which nothing has ever been 'normal' in my world.


    2. Honestly, I can see why he'd want a break every once in a while. He's always struck me as remarkably receptive to dissenting voices, as long as those voices seem to be moving stuff forward. I can understand that it must get pretty wearying rehashing the same points long after you think you've put them to bed. He's got enough credit in the bank (with me at least) that I can let this one go.

      As for 'just being yourself', this is one of those lessons we teach children that's perhaps a little unfair. What if 'the real you' is a bit of an arsehole?

      More important to work out what the core, uncompromisable parts of you are and stick to those, while realising that the stuff at the periphery may be more profitable sacrificed if needs demand. 'Course, my kid's still way too young for that conversation, so I might be changing my tune when it rolls around...

    3. Kamo... your comment is being read as directed toward HK's, if I am not mistaken.

      Either way, my look at Loco's book will hopefully answer the question you brought up, which was something like, "Okay, people are saying the book is making them think... but about what?"

      Core, uncompromisable parts... definitely cost me in terms of work if looking at income alone.

      As for teaching kids to be who they are, I don't think that's unfair at all. I'd rather deal with an honest arsehole than a dishonest one.

      The answer to your question around a fair number of book reviews is directly related to what we teach our kids/how we raise our children and the environment in which we do so. Having a solid idea of self is important, especially here.

      Thank you.

    4. I don't see how his readers can move stuff forward if he himself refuses to move forward. I get the fact that he is an angry dude, but he isn't doing much if posting the same talking points is all he wants to do. I understand that he has issues because everybody sees him as a scary person, even though he probably isn't, but from what I keep reading, he isn't saying that its a general foreigner issue when it is and has nothing to do at all with the color of a persons skin. He needs to stop making it all about himself when it clearly isn't.

      I thought the post was funny because it was clever, original and very patronizing and it should be, imo.

    5. Looks like I've got to get the deeper book-response out very soon... did not intend for the post to be patronizing. If anything, what's coming up is vindicating and will hopefully give people a number of things to look at.

      For now, I'll say that I do understand that it is a general foreigner issue and skin color does have something to do with it.

      Having been on the receiving end of things, I can understand how grating this stuff can be. Especially when people who you'd think should know better insist that what you're seeing is not what you're seeing.

      Okay, time for me to get busy.

      Thank you.

  3. "What if 'the real you' is a bit of an arsehole?"

    Well you just be an asshole until the mountain comes to you. The Mayor of a not small city is attending my BBQ party on Sunday and it's a big deal. If I can get a pic with him I'm gonna reopen my F.B. to rub it in everyone's penny making half assed faces cuz...that's what assholes do :)I already politely refused his wife and baby as I don't do that kinda lesson but my refusal has apparently intrigued him/her/them?

    We all know the Mohammed/Mountain thing was mis understood and it was actually Mohammed that went to the mountain...I just insist it come to me on asshole principles.

    Very original post layout Will :)

    1. Chris:
      What is hard in that oh so stressful way is navigating around people who claim not to be arse-pits when they are. Your honest about it.

      Working with the bare-bones Blogger makes me try to get the most mileage with the least effort. Kind of like a slacker (but not quite that good).

      Thanks for the props on the layout.