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Friday, April 27, 2012

Nightmares: Shine Light Wherever You Can

When first reading the headlines, I couldn’t help notice what was missing. Apparently, so did other people who left comments. Although the article is no longer available at the site, one person did cut-and-paste the following from the source:

Is there some sort of ‘polite’ etiquette in the small print where reporters have to be extra careful of sensitivities when writing about this kind of stuff? (Perhaps a trained journalist may be able to share some insight)

A few comments down within the JT article, the moderator also states: 

“No arrests were made in Japan.”

Well, only a day later, more local news appears.

The article is a little confusing. Look, I know what confusion is - I got that down.

But not only confusing…the timing is uncanny.  Vomiting forth numbers, almost a last-minute Hail Marry, maybe an attempt to save face by trying to show that work really is getting done here too.

  August 5, 2011

At least a point was made at the end.

“…and fourteen kids died”

Not to mention the horror, of course, for those who are living through hell. 

The world is starting to see what is going on. 

Yeah, more members of the global inhabitants are taking note. Some kind of Megan’s Law for this Land of Harmony would be a good start here, though nothing may ever be totally adequate. Even though no system is perfect, to simply sit in silence and do nothing helps no one. 
This kind of news tends to make a person cynical. A cynical mind may recognize a characteristic lack of cooperation that is annoyingly persistent...despite the positive appearances that are put on.

At least do what you can, where you can. 


Someday, someone's going to come up with a good name for that elephant in the room, a name that catches and sticks. There are just too many unanswered questions. Is it just catch and release for people like this? More cooperation with Interpol would be a start. And extradition too.



  1. Just can't understand why there's a refusal to get some possession laws on the books...

  2. 14 kids died? That's the ending? WTF is that?
    Japan is a pedophile loophole........that would be shameful to most cultures and it would be demanded by the citizens to be fixed. Japan makes me wanna fucking puke sometimes.

    1. Yeah, the article stopped there.

      Yes, there are majorly disturbing loopholes here. Apparently something is being done, but exactly what is not clear. "Arrested or handed prosecutors cases"...which is it? And what exactly does that mean?

      'Eyes Wide Shut' has a scene with Leelee Sobieski and two salary-men. Compared to what may be readily available in convenience stores, she might appear to be over-the-hill. Wonder how Kubrick would shoot the scene in this day and age.

      Being in a social environment that is desensitized to this kind of stuff is mind-boggling. Not being in an area that is heavily populated helps...but not much.