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Wednesday, April 4, 2012



There it is again. The inverse framing. The mirror image in motion. 


Couldn't help notice at the 28:20 that something was intentionally altered. Clued by the way he pursed his lips to one side... the other side. And then the globe in the background and later the plant. 


Rewound to Lucky's first appearance with maybe just a second left within the 7th minute. 

(28:20 & 7:59)

One guess is that often times these markers are not deliberate. Not deliberate in a sense that they are being used to convey any kind of meaning. But sometimes they are. Deliberately buried to the point that the untrained eye wouldn't notice. Like slowly zooming in on one candidate while he speaks and slowing zooming out on the other during a high-level debate. Only a few people would have had a chance to pick up on it if they had a recording and hit the fast-forward function. They might have noticed just by chance

"Hey, wait a minute... do you see that?"


At the time, technology was scarce and it was understood that the dexterity to perform the function manually was simply not possible. Or maybe it is just some kind of urban legend.

More noise...

Update: 27 August 2013
Have just realized that FB asks who is who after automatically boxing in on a face. At least the question is not, "Is this ----?" At least, not yet.

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