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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

432 Hz: Noooooooo!

For this post to work, clicking on each highlighted link (*) is kind of necessary. They are all set to open in another window with convenience being the main idea. At the bottom, further explanation is given. It takes less than five minutes to pretty much 'get it' all. Blogs are easy to edit. Drop a comment, ask a question, or ignore.

For some reason, *listening to this group improvise healing music doesn't work for me. It is a challenge to even try to getting past the first 30 seconds. There is just no way I can endure the first thirty or so without the shrill voices becoming kind of irritating. Sometimes the improvised attempts at peace have the opposite affect upon their potential audience. Or maybe I am evil (but I doubt it).

Recommended viewing time... not long. Somewhere between 15 and 30.
30 seconds is painful... 

The *idea is awesome, but the company, I fear, would be constituted of those whose voices are similar to the 432 Hz improvisation group (pictured below) claiming to be set on 'healing'. 

Privacy, for the price of $80 a session, is something I would gladly pay for. $80 for a session alone. Not with them like the above or that like the below.

There's just something in the history of *the integration that does not sit well. With me anyway. 

In a *search for local alternatives, a relatively close possibility turned up. This *one seemed interesting. *This I could definitely do, but the link is 404... yeah, gone. So, for now, the idea is to *improvise when the waters are calm. Thus, the ping pong balls.

Link Index:

Listening to the groupThere's a group in Germany who improvise for the YouTube clip. Their photos remind me of why I've got issues with 'New Age' or 'woo-woo' stuff (yes, thinking this way is probably unforgivably shallow... my heretical chakras are probably beyond help).

Idea: The Mojave Desert is freaking amazing. Dead beautiful. And the idea of experiencing something that 'cool' is, well, cool. Only, it would really be a battle with the inner demons to get them to release the baggage for a moment and resist the 'New Age' gag-reflex so that I may be able to lay down and listen. That chip on my shoulder is not a crystal. Please, don't touch it.

The Integration: Another view of the Idea. And it involves 'them' or the ones who make me real nervous in an X-Files sort of way.

Search: Sensory deprivation (which is kind of different from isolation) is supposed to be soothing, if done right. After reading about how it has been applied most recently, there is reasonable cause for concern. You see the guy in the goggles, right?

One and This: Looks like the *Hikari Clinic has got it down. And in style. I'd like to see if they could add white noise or pink noise if it helps with the ganzfeld what-ever-it-is.

Improvise: A fair number of brainwashing techniques use a similar principle as the Ganzfeld procedure. Non-invasive brain stimulation (better than the old fashioned 'invasive' approach I imagine), performance-enhancers (mental steroids), and the *last three words.

Always good to be aware of the collective's susceptibility to suggestibility

Thank you for your time.

Now back to chasing the big picture, for what it's worth.

This last bit is optional.


  1. Saw the 1st vid and all I could think was..Charles Manson coulda done a lot more damage in the internet age...A LOT more!!

  2. At times, it is all too easy to imagine there are similar types of movements occurring on a scale only made possible through easy access to technology of this age. Noticing and admitting that there will always be lost souls in seek of guidance or cause is a hard truth for me to face. Everyone seems kind of lost and looking for something. Some just more than others. Heck, the singing healers look happy. There's just something about their music that doesn't resonate, even with the headphones on. Maybe its base...

  3. Your blog is so interesting but this is one of those posts I don't completely it about hypnotisim???

    1. The post is kind of about wanting to find a decent way to deal with stress in order to be confident enough to carry forward with and attempt at a Ganzfeld experience.

      A session at the 'integration' would be cool, but the company might be a little difficult for me to let my guard down around (even if their intentions are good).

      Also, this post, like a number of them, is not so clear.

      Thank you for your reply.

  4. "Now back to chasing the big picture, for what it's worth."

    I find this akin to zooming in on a Google map too much and then finding myself looking at a bunch of highly detailed areas, but not knowing what whole they're a part of, and then zooming out too far only to see a general shape, but have no idea of its substance...

    1. Sometimes, sharing the company of people who've kind of 'been there' has helped. Other times, the conversations over tea and potatoes can be totally perplexing. Freakin' oracles. So close and so far.