Silly Grins

Thursday, April 19, 2012


As this is worthy of my time…

"Distressing or Unethical"

Understood to symbolize purity, among other things:

Order and numbers:

1.    77 Children Playing
2.    76 Angels
3.    78 The Universe
4.    75 Robots


Unnecessary Violence

*(He weeps)

Sometimes, not knowing a story, how it ends, is preferable. Just to catch a glimpse can be more than enough. There is so much there, so much to savor.

Savoring aspects of our shared resources that appear to be limited can be something to think about.

An aspect


Thank you.


  1. Unfortunately most folks are so focused on whats coming instead of what's here.

    1. Something so easy, yet so difficult. For some reason I'm forgetting why people seem to be in such a hurry. And caring less about the idea keeping up. It's all about time.

  2. I think we're all haunted by our primal selves. In this world, almost everything we do goes against our natural instincts; going and sitting in an office for 8 - 12 hours a day to do a job you don't like is like a prison sentence. The primal self would never accept this. But, early on, we beat that fucker down and locked him in a closet. However, that closet door doesn't seal completely and his cries escape and drive us mad. But, we go to work anyway. Gotta eat, right? But, even if you get that paycheck, there's no guarantee that the bacon will be brought home. What if we stop in at the grocery store to pick up some food for the table only to find all of the shelves empty?... People bitch endlessly about infringements upon their freedoms and social injustices, but aren't willing to admit that we're all bought and paid for. From the day of our birth, we've been owned. So much of the way modern society has been set up is wrong. And we know it. Inside. I dunno... This is what I think about when I see all those rats scurrying along trying to get that piece of cheese...

    1. Yeah, we go to work anyway. Or at least, many of us. Fortunately, there are still a few 'eclectopia' kind of places scattered here and there throughout the 'civilized' nations where people are more (or less) attuned to what it takes to grow, brew, hunt, and chew. Having had that exposure, I feel lucky. Lucky in at least having a sense of what kind of society I was untimely birthed into.

      While complaining might be good for the initial venting, personally I prefer taking action. In order to do this better, which isn't saying much, I look for people who are 'doing something about it'. When I look in the mirror, I want to see more of a human than rat.

      Oh yeah...thanks for the putting up the Dave 8 post. As you may have guessed, that was what inspired this one. And I realized I goofed on the title of that book by Ryan, it was "at" instead of "before". I only mentioned it because I came across a reference to the book in a New York Times News publication after having heard the author speak at Elliott Bay Book Company via an NPR broadcast. Despite the 'sex' attraction, I think I was more turned on by the fact that he and Jetha were observing that 'modern society' may have it all wrong. 8-12 hours a day of trying to keep the beast locked in the closet and endless bitching about injustices won't cure those empty shelves. Maddening it is!

      Less time scurrying for cheese and more time in the garden makes me feel more human when clock-measured time kind of stops.

      Thank you.

  3. Michael Fassbender acted the shit out of that clip. I was slack-jawed the first time I watched it. A man acting like an AI acting like a man and nailing it. Makes me think of Onnagata or 'breeches roles', except those have never been convincing. I hope he's a key character, and we see lots of him.

    Yeah there's an irony: he's the perfect human employee. Corporate drones aren't really like that, nor the rest of trying to keep our jobs. Our consciousness sabotages us to save itself. We sabotage it with drink, psychotropic medications, kinks or other thrill-seeking, to save our jobs. "And so it goes..."

    1. That we can see this is encouraging.
      That we see it is disturbing.

      For those of us who dare work for others and are still willingly cognizant of the fact that we are jumping into the maze with others who may view us a threat feels...disappointing. Very few people can be taken at their word (?) despite their posturing, what they may profess, and...

      I met a very intelligent drone once. He'd been literally dying while the person just a rung above him on the pecking order was using him. The drone, ironically, was saved by technology he'd actually been part of in a previous hive. Fortunately, the individual on the rung above was summarily dismissed. I believe the drone made sure of that. Without missing a beat. The drone spends his free time on stage, acting things out.

      In real deep moments, I tend to see the stage as a sacred space.

      Also, the way the clip shows up on the screen, I didn't notice the tears until maybe the 3rd or 4th viewing. My wife caught it on the 1st.