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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shall We Play a Game?

July 24, 2011

His eyes were scanning an article The New York Times Magazine that was reminiscent of times gone by, when technology was not so prominent (though ever present).  He took notes and ended up with three sets of phrases that caught his eye:
  • "willfully non commercial" (p.16)
  • "constrictive sense that you are a mouse in a tricked-out maze, chasing chunks of cheese" (p.20)
  • "never unfolds the same way twice" and then still on the same page, "He calls games like A*g*y Birds or B*d*z*led, which ensnare players in addictive loops of frustration and gratification under the pretense that skill is required to win, 'abusive'..." (p.21)

(All quotes were taken from the old-school version of the NYT Magazine. To go to the online source - if anyone wants to do that later - the  article can be found here)

 So, where is this going?

That's a heck of a question that I'd like to answer, but I'm not too sure that any one person can answer alone.


You see, there's a hook to it...for the game to work, more people have to play it. And the more people who play it, the better it could potentially be. At this point, there really are no rules, but the idea is there, kind of like a Pandora's Box, but in reverse.


Wait a minute, you'll see. Most games have a goal in mind, some aim, some target..right?


That was a rhetorical question...okay, it goes like this:

  • Driven by that feeling you get when someone may be intentionally blocking you here and there*
  • Driven by that feeling you get when someone is double-parked, maybe even in a handicapped zone*
*'There' is kind of where the switch kicked on for an idea that birthed the UPC...just keep reading. 

This following clip is dedicated to all those people who say, "If you don't like it, just go home." isn't over...just like the immortal Bluto says:

This is a game that is:
  1. willfully non commercial
  2. not constrictive
  3. does not unfold the same way twice and actually does requires some skill (but not too much)

Okay...I'm curious. What is this 'game'?

It's simple, or at least the base idea is.

How many pictures like the one below do you think it would take to change a culture?

The target of each picture is a vehicle that is obviously parked where it should not be. Commercial vehicles are worth more.

That's an excellent question! You see, part of the game could be to see how long it takes someone in a marketing firm to pick up on the idea that their company was the first to notice and do something about it. The whole idea is to find the tipping point...if not to just to cause people to wonder.

I thought you said the game is 'non commercial'? 

For the players it is. You see, whoever wants to take a picture can post it up on the Web...even put their name on it if they want, add it to g***gle map or something. Like what was just mentioned, part of the game is guessing how many pictures it will take before anyone working for a brand on the higher levels actually notices. And part of the deal is to get as many pictures up before anyone actually notices. Kind of hard to deny what is going on... like seeing how fat the elephant in the room can get before people admit that it is there.

By the way, I'm torn by people with advertisements on their blogs because, although they may be getting traffic, they are kind of commercial. Their saving grace is that they can get traffic. So, anyone can play.

If people wanted to geek out, they could make teams, the commercial blogg-heads vs the non commercial folks...see who can rack up the most points.  Whatever turns em' on, gets people excited, worked up, riled, hot to...

Are you crazy?! 

Prolly. Ain't quite certifiable though. An' definitely ain't no expert.

Isn't that dangerous?

Why would it be dangerous to simply take photos and post them? Look, if you're a' worried, there are probably some ways to make sure your photo isn't 'geotagged' or something. There are plenty of 'metadata removal tools' available online, most likely for free. Either way...

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  1. War Games!!! Classic computer voice. Right next to HAL on the All time list!!

    Where the pics go?

  2. "Yes" or "No"? (Takes a quick look under the hood...scratches head). It appears operational. Give it a click?

  3. haha, does Kuroneko Yamato's staff using a childrens' play field for their regular urinating needs, count too?

  4. Hmmm...could definitely open up another category, but not too sure what an appropriate title would be. Definitely would be willing to post it as long as the material would not merit an "adult material" warning since the theme of the 'project' is 'access for everyone'.