Silly Grins

Friday, October 28, 2011

Not scared...

But feeling very uneasy...

If this...

can couple with something like


 and produce something like 


wouldn't you be worried?
Maybe just a little?

In another twenty years, all of the above
will probably appear as advanced as the device below does today. 

Embrace technology?

And does it really matter?

Only 30 years ago, she was saying...
"And when justice is gone there's always force"

"And the voice said:

This is the hand, 
the hand that takes. 
This is the hand, 
the hand that takes."

Speed and Accuracy

 Durability (not to mention strength)

"So hold me, your long arms.
In your automatic arms. 
Your electronic arms.
In your arms.
- Laurie Anderson  O Superman                        

Until one day, you happen to hear another voice, 

another voice that might say something like...

But, for now, IT is just learning,

learning how you think. 

Until then...


YEAR 2011


  1. H.A.L !!!!!

    That is a very scary movie indeed. In many ways.

    Happy Halloween!!!

  2. For fecks' sake! Japan would rather build robot-nurses than make programmes work to get nurses here from S.E. Asia and the Philippines; America would rather throw money at Wall Street and GM than punish executive malfeasance; Europe will pretend they're a State, but let each country have its own monetary policy. If that ain't 'writing on the wall', what is?

  3. Chris: We start celebrating tomorrow.

    Mr. S: I remember seeing the old-style robo-care...I don't think it never went into practice. there's a hardworking robot.

    From what I can tell, the government here appears to be making things a little easier for the nurses in terms of retention. Yet, I can't see the advantages for anyone coming here to work in the nursing industry.

    Only a year or so ago, rumor was that nursing positions paid so well in the US that folks from the Philippines were deciding to come over and work as nurses rather than some cost on med school and start making money.

  4. We've had a tonne of Philippina nurses in Canada for a few decades. No complaints here. To generalize, I've rarely met a Philippino in Canada who hasn't integrated well. In fact, better than most people born in Canada. Same goes for Vietnamese ('boat people') in Canada: the personification of grateful.

  5. Mr.S: I don't think I can recall ever meeting an immigrant in North America who wasn't highly motivated.