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Friday, October 7, 2011

“Did you just see that?!”

(So much of my mental free time has been trying to wrap itself around 'the next' post that I've decided to cheat, and throw another one in because, well...if you missed this bit in the comments section somewhere on the bottom of a online news rag, you missed something truly awe inspiring and....I'm speaking from a male perspective here...utterly frightening.) 

I’m having one of those, “Did you just see that?!” kind of moments...
Ladies and gentlemen, she apparently posts her thoughts unapologetically in the comments section of a 'news' source I am guilty of perusing (recently not so often)....ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, her name is Nicky Washida...and she rocks!

In response to the article:

Japan's anti-Korea protests: Lessons from Monty Python

Washida posted this retort in the comments section:

What have the Koreans ever given me?  Seats on the train when I am heavily pregnant mostly. The number of times I said a weary and grateful "arigatou" to be told in perfect English "Actually, I'm Korean". Ouch. 

That's got to sting...and she hardly had to do a thing.

As much admiration I have for all of the comments she's left, I know to mind my manners around her.  Nothing but respect (okay...and a little fear too). 

And on a it just me who is wondering if the author of the featured piece isn't being a bit cheeky considering his pen name


(Time to get back to work on the next post, to make sure it is at least coherent enough to get the point across.)


  1. "Visitors to Japan might never know it, but the country has a far closer relationship with neighboring South Korea than most Japanese will ever let on."

    This guy gets paid to write the obvious and doesn't do it very well. This could be said about many countries btw and who even gives a fuck for the second btw?

    After the Japan Times read my looting post and took down the ridiculous article title they had it became clear these writers are no different from people in other businesses that get to a level that seems to run counter to their actual skill set.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The article apparently first appeared in CNN GO. When I read it on the CNN site, it reminded me of blogging. Only I would never expect to get paid for that kind of thing.

    Japan Times is probably not a fun place for anyone to work. Would be interesting to know who makes the decision for what gets put up.

    The better writers in Japan have probably written at least a book or are currently doing so. Subsequently, these people tend to get ostracized. At least, that's the way I see it.

    Kind of reminds me of the situation Keyes Beech found himself in.


  4. "The better writers in Japan have probably written at least a book or are currently doing so."

    I imagine you must be working on your book then :)

  5. Chris:Thanks for the compliment...the comment had Loco in mind. In my view, writers are the kind of people who have to write, they carry notebooks everywhere they go, hang out at coffee shops, and all that. there is a writer. His stuff is mesmerizing (I'm planning on purchasing at least a few of his books to send as gifts). For my attempts, I think blogging is as far as it will ever go.

  6. myself, I am quite curious what this Abiko Agent is writing up. It is supposed to be semi-finished.

  7. Bigg: Noticed your comment on his site earlier...will be interesting to see if he leans toward Keyes Beech or the rosy press club. Yeah, I'm also curious.