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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitsch Done Right: S.H.E.

Part II of III (there's only one more after this, I promise)

Listen to this Dick.

SHE really is a B movie. But it sticks. Not just because Sandahl Bergman represents a certain kind of a 'babe' quality that somehow 'does it' for a certain part of the population.

The movie sticks for anther reason. And if anyone knows why, they need to be locked up and heavily sedated after being burned at the stake a few times.

 A Nork
Borrowed in the spirit of Fair Use, as it says here somewhere on this site.
And what the Norks believe.

For a true post-apocalyptic hangover that feeling that most people would be embarrassed about, this is just a little taste of what is in store: 

Do not watch this. Please.

Somehow the movie delivers virtually all the way through. Which creeps me out in a way.

Now, before my internet-assisted virtual IQ goes negative and the death-threats start rolling in, I will go for a walk.


  1. I admit...I did watch the last one despite being warned not to....


    it would be an insult to "B" movies everywhere to be lumped in with that ....holy shit.

  2. I could see how one guy might have an idea, but to get a bunch of people together to do something like this...that is truly awe inspiring. Bergman's presence must have helped. Must have.