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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kitsch Done Right: The Blood of Heroes

Part III of III (dystopia minus the kitsch)

As luck would have it, another one of those films sort of happened to be in the right place at the right time...on a big screen. Why hadn't anyone noticed? This one film does the dystopia right, and on a lot of levels. Despite the fact that this film apparently never made it big and is not even considered among the Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time, this film is a must see. Ladies and gentlemen, a film with two names:

Salute of  the Jugger
The Blood of Heroes

 Say what?

Maybe the title was just too long. Jugger Salute or Heroes' Blood might have made a difference. But there's no use crying over spilt blood milk... is there?

Although it might look like this flick is centered around violence, in my humble and oh so non-violent opinion (it's all relative, ain't it?), they do it quite well.

The crew's 'enforcers'

To see the team in action, go ahead and click it.

Up until just about now, there was always a question as to why this film kind of caught my attention other than the fact that Chen and Hauer are in it. Two unfamiliar names that are somehow familiar are linked, Dave and Dave. Apparently Eggby worked on Mad Max and Peoples worked on other notable future-films as well. 

For me, it's all about vindication. Vindication in the sense of seeing something that was somehow recognized on a level that was previously not consciously realized until granted the technology to be able to connect the dots.


A lot more thought went into putting this film together than so many others that I've forced myself to sit through. Yeah, definitely a hidden gem. 

After the match
The above photo was courtesy of a site that boldly states:

"I dare any sports fan to watch this movie
and not want to become a jugger...
one of the bloodiest, 
most awesome fictional sports 
ever conceived."
The 'qwik'
 Photo courtesy of them

One qwik, one chain, and three enforcers

If for nothing more, this movie would make a person want to at least try their hand at jugging just for the opportunity of having a go at getting it on. Then again, there's always MMA and other stuff. 



  1. "other than the fact that Chen and Hauer are in it."

    Is THAT really what caught your attention? a good way? or just regular attention grabbing?

  2. Chris: Rutger Hauer has probably suffered from the fame his role as the beloved Roy has brought him his entire life. He was horribly good in The Hitcher, but he never seems to have recovered. Everything I've seen him in seems to have tried to recreate something that probably should have been laid to rest, leaving good enough alone.
    Chen...sometimes I've found myself trying to understand why she seems attract the attention that she's gotten. I like her, but I wouldn't say that I'm actually a 'fan' of hers.
    Hauer an Chen were in Deadlock, but their pairing just didn't seem to work; that's a movie I could have definitely not seen.
    Although the Jugger/Blood movie starts off well and then kind of hits a lull, it delivers (for me) after they descend to play in the cities.
    What caught my attention was the violence or the kind of violence that is in the film. I was trying to figure out why the film did something or almost seemed to do something for me but could never really figure it out. There are so many really bad post-apocalyptic movies out there, this is one I didn't mind sitting through.

    What really caught my attention in a good way was how much thought seemed to have gone into all of the details. Eggby and Peoples were probably the two biggest contributors to elements that seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on until I actually started looking.

    I'll never put on gear to participate in anything like Jugging reenactments (or anything else of that nature) unless I find myself in a future setting where it would actually be required. However, by then, it would probably be too late.

    I hardly watch movies anymore and anything violent tends to make me sick (don't know how or when that started happening).

    Guess it comes down to the fact that I would rather be spending my time doing something productive...learning, making, or doing. Life just seems too short to be sitting in a cave watching shadows on the wall. Especially right now.

  3. Hauer... my fellow countryman... people used to say I look like him all the time... haha, our Aryan genes, fooling everyone, even *them*.. but that's a long time ago.

  4. Bigg: Being mistaken for one of the locals... definitely not happening here. Mistaken for handsome...that used to happen to me what seems a long time ago.