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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitsch Done Right: Six-String Samurai

Part I of III*

We're going 'link-lite' on this one because of time-constraints. Could definitely flesh it out with some cross-referencing that takes it deeper, which wouldn't be that hard, but...but...whatever.

B movies are hard to get right. There's an art to it...really. At least that is my belief. Only a session in Room 101 can change that.

Yeah, there are tonnes of "straight to video" types of films out there, but there are a few "films" that somehow are able to go beyond, doing so much more with so much less that you gotta' kind'a nod and maybe even smile. A cult classic.

Which brings us, Kimo Sabe, to a film that has Fallout written all over it. While it might-seem-to-just-barely-manage-to-get there, it is worth watching to the end once. At least once.

 The trailer

Yes! The sound is that of Igor and the Red Elvises

* (Really. Any more than this set of three would probably do something nasty in terms of karma. Gotta know when to quit, but first we are tapping in so that we can tap out...if we're lucky)

To be continued...


  1. I'm gonna check it out. Sounds familiar as the title is not easy to forget but I'm sure I haven't seen it. I'll torrent a copy nowish

  2. Chris: This is the kind of movie I imagine is good to have going on in the background during a workout or at least where there's something to punch when the slow parts are on. Or where something in the medium range of heavy can be lifted leisurely. Anyway...