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Monday, August 15, 2011



Inspired by the Crazy One

Show you my praise by becoming a bad writer?  Um…doesn’t the Godfather of Blog see what he’s brought together? Or are we just a collection of people with habits born of something like Bad Behavior? This thing people call ‘writing’ is becoming a mental addiction. Now, I’m understanding what Maddox was getting at.  

But how can I say this? The only metal that has pierced the skin of this fool has only been bent on extraction. 

Methadone, someone said over coals of a fire, methadone is not a step down from anything. You want to hear truth? It’s a step up. It turns that of little value into pure gold…for mortal fools who know the street value of doing more with less. At, least, that’s kind of what he apparently said, this guy:

At least that is one of the threads that was woven into the tapestry of our evening’s conversation while talking about life on the rock. Not that California is a bad place to go back to, it’s just that, yeah, times have changed and the slower pace of this place is kind of nice. 

Being here, in Japan, you meet a lot of different people…kind of like anywhere else. And kind of different. We enjoyed being able to just talk in what seemed to be an amazingly rare environment where we could just be honest without having to feel like having to watch our backs. Honest about people, honest about life, and honest about being honest. When it seems like everyone is trying to hustle, it kind of just kills the mood.

And the idea of getting schooled came up. He'd actually mentioned it first and how it relates to honesty. Part of the thing about living here is that folks seem to have this overwhelming way of being so over-bearingly polite that it's sometimes real difficult just to get an honest answer, even if we don't like what we hear. This is a conversation that took place just two nights before reading something about a
Courtesy of a Defcon

To survive long-term without letting it mess you up too bad, honesty is a good policy.  Admittedly, I've blown up a few times, but I'm learning how to just come out and say it like it is.

Later that night, we put the rest of these homemade sausages on the grill and washed them down with a few more beers.

Last weekend wasn't too different, but it kind of got off to a rough start waking up on a park bench at four in the morning. Fortunately, someone had left a bottle of red on the table for the needed ballast on the walk home. Yeah, it was all good.


  1. The politeness thing can end up being really impolite too - like when somone agrees to do something with you rather than saying no but then cancels at the last minute.

    A friend recently told me to stop worrying about the meaning behind people's words and whether they are being polite - to just take things at face value or I'll just end up doing my head in.

  2. Kathryn: In the past, I've driven myself nuts. Fortunately, I'm a little better at reading between those blurry lines, but only a little. With far fewer social obligations, life has become a little easier, but only a little.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. After years of getting excited that everybody with an attitude is willing to back it up I've found a line that exists somewhere near "Passive aggressive". I can't absorb that. Well spoken or contrary views are fine...but laced with hinted loathing?

    I wouldn't accept that face to face so no sense in changing that. I stick my neck out like a fucking loon sometimes and there it neck...ready to be cut off or stomped on by an articulate person who trusts their words will be the damage.

    They never have enough confidence to let the smart people see the lesson they are teaching. That's their "Fail". They don't grab the chance. They get down with me and lose themselves and thus their message by getting down in the only place they ever the virtual world.. so they are not very experienced and not very good as a result.

    They coulda wiped their ass with my face if they coulda trusted the people but they devolve down to their own lowest form.

    Pushing peoples buttons is as easy as...well....pushing a button.

    Sometimes fun...sometimes not so much.

  4. Chris: There definitely are places where people with attitudes are expected to be able to back what they are saying. Supposedly learned folks are hopefully taking note because understanding how it works could save the world a lot of unneeded drama. I believe there's an art to being able to cross that line of word to action while maintaining integrity.

    What is kind of interesting is how people deal with getting called on their game. The little boy who got caught on camera, that was a good lesson. Would be interesting to see how he retells the story when he's older.

    What is disturbing is when adults do this kind of stuff...I don't get the thinking behind it, but I do see that it happens. Substance abuse (alcohol is in there too) can sure be seen as messing things up, but we all make choices and are accountable for our actions. Perhaps the latest event has contributed to a moment of clarity.


    What is weird, I find, is that in less-straightforward environments where people are used to getting away with passive aggressive behavior, it is good for no one. I believe that the more straightforward approach is medicine we can all use a good dose of. And that seems to only require a basic level of honesty most of us somehow seem to have forgotten and/or are afraid of.

    All of the dialogue going on through the Internet must be changing the way people operate in their daily lives with regard to being able to face themselves in the mirror. Maybe I'm just optimistic in this way.

    Anyway...thanks for continuing to stop by and sharing it like it is.

  5. I can't deny *it* has been messing me up one time too many. Time for new adventures, somewhere else. Updates to follow.

  6. Bigg: Do what I can to follow. Good luck with those new adventures and updates.