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Friday, February 24, 2012

They Call Him Loco

And he says he's a racist.

Here's the last comment I left on his fine blog, along with a translation:

“Yep, another book, and then another, and another…”
When the stork delivers that bundle of identical quintuplets the midwife of literature assures me is on the way, I will definitely devote an entry to your firstborn tome (certainly there will be more). Books… all the way down. For now, I pace back and forth in my mental hallway… when the bundle of joys, sorrows, hopes, and wisdom are delivered, time will be given to the cause.
Contentment mus be found in what lay in my palm as I sit pondering, as a mind rests beneath that shade of the electronic tree.
Optimistically Yours,
Stork: Black Cat Delivery (for some reason is violet)
Bundle: Actually, it was is a box. And yes, they are identical
Midwife: Woman warrior
Firstborn: The quintuplets
Mental Hallway: A place to walk, but never before dawn 
Mus: A fucking typo... obviously was going to write has to
In my palm: iPhone
Pondering: Uhhhhhhhh........
Electronic tree: Kindle... 'cause it was free
Optimistically: Reference to an approach to life he says he is forced to take (see interview)

 Oh... yeah.

I've already read this once, beneath the electronic tree, you see. 

But in that form, it wasn't good enough because I am old fashioned. 
I need the real thing for that full effect. 
So, over the next week or so, I'll be savoring the real flavor, a page at a time. 

And, quite honestly, I'd like to do a review. 
But after reading through, trying to catch it all. Because there was an exact spot where I could have sworn that Morrison's influence shone through. 

 The violet Black Cat Delivery 

Much more to say, but it will have to wait. It's late, I'm tired (but not that tired) and Wifey is waiting.


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