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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Japan Today: US 1950's

Some people have observe that Japan is, in some ways, stuck in a virtual social mindset a lot like the 1950's.  When I look at those old black and white films, it makes me wonder. 

Below is apparently a link to an experiment carried out in that era in the US at a VA hospital. The video lasts almost 9 minutes... which is too long for most people to watch. So, what I propose is taking a look at the 55 second mark, for ten seconds, and then again from the 1:56 mark till somewhere around the 2:30-ish.

The first time I watched this, I noticed the contrast in her expression, her body language, etc. She seems to be aglow. Maybe the lighting changes. She looks ecstatic. In the zone. That place where it all stands still... silent for that mile between heartbeats before it all crashes down into an explosion of euphoric bliss.  I couldn't help thinking about moments in life that were like that and how more will be. 

This takes a willingness to let go and head further down that rabbit hole.

She says, "I can't tell you about it. If you can't see it, then you'll just never know it. I feel sorry for you." 

(0:55-1:06, 1:56-2:30)
Or, if you've got the time, watch the whole thing.

VA hospitals are a trip, from what I understand. 
Just recently, through conversation with a nurse who had worked in one, in the US, there's some wisdom around knowing when it's time to let people pass. Paramedics love to crunch 'n crack. Judging by what was said, some people prefer to just be let go. When you've been there, despite what the written rules may say, there's something more sacred than protocol set by bureaucrats. That angel earned her wings.

Breaking on through to the other side seems impossible at times. But it isn't, even in this land of harmony. The tension the housewife in the film shows at the beginning of the clip is all too familiar. Stress and tension can be seen as ripping this place apart during most of the daylight hours. Breaking on through to that other side... is something akin to a what might be called spiritual awakening. Those are people I see, but not everywhere.

It doesn't have to be this way. People can cut loose without cracking up. 

Next stop... Titicut Follies.



  1. Was in a pantie shop yesterday that had a sign welcoming men but they were horrified when I came in with a girl of course.

    They (Japanese) seem to make up stresses that exist only in their mind...we all do that but it's culturally pushed deeper. It pops up at the strangest of times.

    1. Let's see... pantie shop freaks out when woman enters shop with man. In some way, it must make perfect sense. I'm hoping the staff were women.