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Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Experiment #1: Yogurt

Real Time Blog Experiment

Start Time: 2:00 pm, Friday, January 24, 2012

Estimated Time to Completion: 240 minutes

Cleaned & Ready

Mixed & Capped
Two in Chamber

Awaiting Results. Status to be updated periodically. 

Time: 4:45 Not looking good. Seal on the box was breached. Heat lost. Will add more water and hope for the best. 

Time: 5:34 Still not looking good.  Starting to consider options. Do not want to waste the material. Lids can be secured and transported to domicile. There is considerable risk that Wifey may not like it. 

Time: 6:00 - ish. Barely. Decision has been made. We'll risk transport.

Positive Signs of Life

Updates later this evening...

Time: 9:41 
The Results: 

Two cultures developed from the same strain. Basically, a tablespoon or two of unsweetened yogurt (store bought) mixed with milk out of the carton will give you what you see above. 

Whatever... (yawn)


  1. Looks like good ole' cottage cheese :) The Japanese version is so dry it rips anything it's spread over.

    /cottage cheese rant ;)

    1. The jars were still warm. After they are cooled, the consistency will be that of yogurt. Cultures are chilling in the fridge now.

      Last time we had cottage cheese, we made our own. Simple, way cheaper, and far tastier than anything we could buy here.