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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There Is More...

More than ever needed

And all that anyone could handle

Knowing what's


Get Happy is still a joy to watch from time to time. However, lately the idea seems to have burnt itself out. As the clip fades, there's a lingering feeling of loss that has somehow been mentally tethered to success... almost as if to equate gain with unhappiness. The forlorn scene resonates a feeling of loss. While what we do or put ourselves through to be successful is no guarantee for feeling happy, doing something is far more satisfying than simply going with the flow. 

I now realize why I like that short. Youth are given an opportunity to experience feelings of happiness and bliss without having to buy into anything. People who forget or do not understand and go on to educate their children in a way that puts a damper on their creativity are all too many. At least, that's what I'm afraid of seeing when I really take the time to look.

Bliss... now that's another familiar story that just happened to fit at the time. Why is anyone's guess.


  1. Though I did not see eye to eye with my guardians or mother... I am happy that I learned to play and stay playful into my adult life. Even now as older adults they still have the urge to joke, play and laugh. We were taught to leave the woes of work at the door. Sure we can complain about work but we are not to let it dominate our lives. When that happens we have always been encouraged to find something else.

    Work will always be work, if it it was always fun it would be called something other than work right?

    Creepy story: My neighbor used to eavesdrop and one day told me that he loved to hear my laughter through his windows late at night. He also told me he was jealous that my hubs has such a happy wife. Ahhh perception is everything, for I too am human and experience all emotion. It just so happens I laugh loudly especially at night :p Even if work was a bit rough that day!

    1. Oh yeah. Work, another four-letter word.

      Sometimes the idea of having work to complain about is luxurious. While letting of steam is important, when people start to complain about actually having to work... that's time to send in the clowns.

      Wow, your story IS a little creepy (nervous laughter). In the event that any of our neighbors says something like that to my wife, she'll be instructed to say the following:

      "I only laugh like that to drown out the cries for help."

      That phrase, or something close to it, is a possible remedy for jealous perceptions people might have come down with.