Silly Grins

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Five cards in his hand.

A voice with that kind of drawl, like the ones from Nowhereville, you know, not so far away from where everything began... yeah, THAT voice.

"Roy! You been dealt your hand." 

Will just looks at the backs of the cards. And says nothing.

Again, that voice..."It's time. You turn 'em over." 


"One cycle, you understand?"

Will just nods and closes his eyes.

On the left cheek, Will feels the popping sting of the last hand, opens his eyes and looks again. And realizes just how much help they have all been. And smiles.


  1. As a card player of many years, I have to say... I don't get it. Tarot cards?

    1. Yes, sort of. And way of sorting things out. Not getting it is... I didn't want to waste the time of people like you, people who do leave comments.

      There may be a disclaimer somewhere in Steady Rollin' that I haven't read. Not exactly hitting the panic button at this time, as this post is public (for the most part). But definitely prepared to delete stuff should you tap me on the shoulder via gmail - a box I normally don't check. But I will later this evening.

      On the Steady Rollin' card... what the card was called before it turned Joker (the cards were placed face up at the beginning and were then turned over and given new backs over a twenty-four hour period - a 'fluid' post that maybe didn't quite work).

      In the process of choosing images to be placed on the underside of each card, I discovered what your avatar may stand for and read through the historical meaning, the meaning that everyone and his brother probably knows about in this day and age.

      When I was reading the history of the way certain cards (or a specific card) kind of went into use... I remembered something I heard, as a kid and it freaked me out... to bits and pieces. The 'courier' font is me... the other font is a slightly altered version of something.

      Safe to say I don't really know anything anyway. However, I'm as willing as the next guy to make something up, maybe get a little creative... basically whatever it takes in order to be released from a wet and stressed position should I ever have the misfortune of finding my thick skull duct taped to the business end of an H20 board. What I'm saying is that, as far as 'the color of the boathouse at Hereford' - I haven't the faintest idea. Really. I swear. Just keep those thumb screws away from me. Please!!!!!

    2. Well, it's true that I'm the kind of guy who needs things spelled out for him more often than not. Probably why I'm twice divorced ;)

      I do enjoy reading and trying to figure it all out, though...

    3. While they say we learn from our mistakes or continue to repeat them... I'm still in the denial phase. Maybe I'll learn something, someday...

      Thank you for your interest and feedback. Time to maybe edit a bit or piece.

  2. ST should be "Death"

    People like me react really really poorly to it. For every reaction there was an action.

    Feel bad just lookin at no further. Will try again sometime.

    1. Antidepressants... I might have considered taking them. However, you did mention something about how dangerous they can be. And when I started looking around and read the side effects or 'paradoxical reactions'... think I'll pass on the pills.

      Speaking of paradoxical reactions, the 5th card was the card that was selected specifically for you. My big and kind of Internet moment occurred after a comment I left, "3...2...1" and then the post about Luke came up (in response, I'd assumed).

      This form of compt3r m3diated c0mmunic4tion may be 4synchron0us, however, the medium still carries the risk of misunderstanding - especially when there's been no established or set pattern of communication and etiquette, blah, blah, blah....

      Those two pups at play in the pic... they were just having such a fine time, as happy as a boy and a dog can be. Totally unconcerned with any danger in the world except for not having as much fun as possible. Simply a moment, in time.

  3. In poker, there's usually an optimal way to play any hand you're dealt. Not so sure about life, though. I suppose you can apply GTO (Game Theory Optimal) thinking to almost any situation in real life... but, it takes a mastery of self that very few are capable of reaching. Beer helps me. A lot.

    1. Poker, GTO, and life...your comments echo the sentiments of the great bard's epic poetry. Whether at war or on odyssey, wiser words have not been spoken: as seen here.