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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ishihara's Vision Test

Ishihara’s Vision Test: Something for the Color Blind

Tests freak him out. Especially diagnostic tests that require a certain amount of cooperation for them to work. Much like that one. Yeah, that one. The one where he says, “It’s too bright in here” and then she asks if she can smoke.

“It won’t affect the test...just relax,” he says. And then talks about her birthday, and a gift... 


Tests that require dimmed lighting, establishing a base-line, cooperation in following instructions...there’s just something about those tests. He can’t quite put his finger on it. 

There must not be any distractions. The amount of concentration that is required...maybe 'focus' is a better word...combining that level of focus while in a relaxed state can make most subjects susceptible to a number of things. 

Color blindness may be the underlying cause of many headaches. He never really knew that he was color blind. Funny how that hadn't been tested for.

Maybe it was the rare case of inheriting certain genetics as well as what turns out to be an acquired ‘blue weakness’. He’s sure it was due, in part, to the way he was raised, his environment. And quite possibly related to a tear in the vitreous cavity; the ‘floaters’ were around from an early age.

Though most people may raise their eyebrows by what they find in their own tests, his Project Implicit Implicit Association Test* results showed no bias when viewing ‘black’ and ‘white’.

Good for him.

Now, Ishihara’s nearsightedness or blindness is another story. This is about the Ishihara Color Blindness Test.

As it turns out, as people age, they lose sensitivity to certain things. Apparently, this is a natural process, affecting each individual in a different way. Some may not be able to see what is right out in front of them.

Which is kind of ironic, really

Before he took the color blindness tests, he really had no idea what Tritanopia was. Supposedly rare. 

How about those tests?

* From the IAT site: "For best results, close other distracting programs on your machine, minimize noise distraction in the area, and make sure that you have up to 15 minutes to spare. The study will open in a pop-up window."

If you are leery about entering any of your data on their site and you still really want to take a test, try the one below. It doesn't require any information form you and doesn't take nearly as long. 

** For the updated Ishihara Color Blindness Test, the same thing applies for minimizing noise, distractions, etc. Except, this diagnostic test only takes a few minutes.If you haven't take one of these or haven't taken on in a while, the results can be useful. 

For best results, you might want to find a quite area, dim the lights, and just relax in a way that you can focus. It helped me. 



    Please...oh please watch that vid.

    1. After watching that display of spiteful arrogance, at first I felt ill. And then I wonder where the hell his supporters could possibly be coming from. Good on the reporter for continuing with the questions. More of that it needed.

    2. So Ishihara's take is, 'Let's destroy forests that kill children'... Brilliant. Didn't have time to watch the whole vid, but had a good laugh at that.

    3. I was trying to laugh and then I got angry... the damage his kind of folk are doing to the place astounds me. As if there weren't enough concrete and power lines already. I've got an in-law who reminds me of Ishihara. Makes me wonder if there isn't a generation of arrogant, clueless old farts who get off on their entitlement fantasies. looks like their self-righteousness is being exploited for greed through the tax system. All too familiar.

  2. Excellent double entendre with this post! LOVE IT! I took both of the tests. I am normal. The dim lights did help. I really enjoy your writing style and the links that let me wander off to learn at different sites. You get a gold star for today.

    1. My first gold star!

      A few years ago, I thought I was having trouble with my monitors since I wasn't able to locate/find objects in a very visual game where the slightest color imbalance could throw things off. Eventually I got lucky.

      The post was written with the assumption that if people were busy, they'd at least be able to take the shorter test if they were interested.

      Thank you.