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Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Happening: A Little Piece of Everything

It's happening. 

And probably has been happening for a while now. But noticing it firsthand comes as kind of a shock. Like, you can't say, 
"That didn't happen!"
Okay, maybe you can scream it at the top of your lungs, but trying to deny what's on the record is becoming harder and harder to do... especially when everything, I mean everything is going on the record.

This post is about a little piece of that everything. And how erasing people is much harder to do that it used to be. You see, they come back. Now, everyone has a voice. The 'otherwise forgotten people' are much more difficult to ignore. And not everybody is comfortable with that. Nope. 

Word is spreading. And unless something big happens, it ain't going to stop either. In a way, that's pretty 'eventual'
Hold on, let me explain. Let me explain it in a way that is easy to understand, maybe entertaining, and a potentially jaw-dropping (just a little evidence). Like when your name shows up in books and other places. And the stories start coming in. Stories. Pieces of the puzzle that you fit into whether you like it or not. Shit nobody else knew or shit you thought nobody else could possibly know.  But somehow you are reading about it. 

No, this is not fantasy or fiction, though it was born of great minds that wondered and dared to think what they thought. Wars, the indoctrination which led up to them, and other destruction might have wiped out a lot, but you'd be surprised what's just lying around. And getting loaded into The System. Whether anyone likes it or not. Screaming and kicking, we're all getting loaded in. Which might not be such a bad idea in the end. Eventual.

And if anyone ever figures it out, I mean really figures out, how to run this thing (and not in some Facefu Farcebook sort of way), if someone figures out how to really run the system... whoever that is is going to be part of one amazing crew. From top to bottom, inside out. But we won't talk about them. Not now. Not this post.

Okay, let's pull back and then zoom in on a little history here. See that date at the bottom of the picture?

"My 'precious' copy"
(I happened to just pull if from the shelf today while thinking about my Bix book. Then, I sat down, looked at the screen, and thought, okay, let's test. Yup. It's been digitized. The gem has been digitized?! There is hope for the Internet as a place for more than just porn and social networking! And yeah, I know this is hard to read. It's 'small print' and I'm a cunt.)

The date...

Yeah, nineteen-oh-fucking-five!

(Pumps fist. Well, it turns me on. Damn it.)

The cover actually has the title JAPAN DESCRIBED BY GREAT WRITERS. You can download it from The Sytem here as a pdf and you can do word searches even!


But, you see, it's not really a book. More like a collection of posts by a number of authors. A 'blog party' from way-back-when. Before the myth of homogeneity was indoctrinated into the minds of the population and beyond. Before the great myth was systematically injected through education for sake of the test, the whole test, and nothing but the test. And, of course, a bunch of other stuff Bix talks about.

Now, were going to play a little game of What They Knew Then vs What They Think They Know Now and hopefully rattle a few skulls. Mind you, this is just a short game, because folks today have so little time and patience, so we'll have this wrapped up, quick-like.

Esther, bless her soul, introduces the work with an introduction put on in a real proper voice, 
"Within the limits of a volume this size....blah...blah...blah....

And then she goes on to say something like, "give a comprehensive view of Japan and the Japanese life by," (here comes the good part) "drawing...on the impressions of those who have been allowed especial opportunities for examination and forming their own conclusions." 

Now, let's go see about that myth, take a quick look...and then I'll let you go. After that, you can tell me to 'fuck off' and I'll be plenty happy. 

On page 21 (dang, that's blackjack!), Jean Jacues Elisie Reclus (sounds a little French-ish), starts off his guest DJ blogspot, The Japanese Race,with: 

The dominant people in Japan are evidently a mixed race, in which the Aino element is but slightly represented...

Reclus goes on to talk about an understanding of Japan that seems to - for sake of a better education - seems to have been virtually removed from the curriculum in the name of the test, the whole test, and nothing but the all mighty fahgettabout the truth. 

"Historical Expanse of Ainu"

The Aino? Aye, yes, the Ainu. The old gang of indigenous people who occupied much of Tohoku and points north not all that long ago. But...but were not officially recognized until 2008. Yet they were asked to sing and dance for the tourists on quite a regular basis for a number of years. It's all here, in English even, about the assimilation in the north. 

The patterns along the bottom...if you've never noticed them before, you might start to notice them more. And notice what people are doing. And what it all means. And maybe listen to a little music. 

(Okay, if you've gotten this far, thanks for takin' the steak baby. Now enjoy a little sizzle.)

ラビラビ (Rabi-Rabi)

A group best experienced live, at night, near a fire where you can 'stomp' hard and just fly. I know I did.

This post says nothing of what's going on down south. But it's pretty cool to see what's getting some play down there.


  1. "What They Knew Then vs What They Think They Know Now"

    Sounds like you're suffering from a little 'No Country For Old Men' syndrome...

    I like 'What They THOUGHT THEY Knew Then vs What They Think They Know Now'

    1. Coen brothers... never saw Fargo or that other one... that is, if you're referring to their film, the story, or running across several million reasons wroth of greed. In this case, truth is far less exciting than fiction. Which, in many ways, is nice. Glad it's just a syndrome...I think.