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Sunday, May 20, 2012

"It's a beatiful..."

From a Wonderful World to a Beautiful One 

A Wonderful World:

Anything from Hotter Than July.  That's star material, celestial body, guiding-light kind of stuff. Here forever. Forever a part of us. 

You know, those songs that you grew up listening to because they were so hypnotic... easy to listen to, but you maybe never really paid attention to the words. You know, one of those songs?

From Wikipedia... and no, they aren't done either.

Well, there may come a day when you actually reflect on what those words were all about. And discover their weight. That moment when you find yourself singing along and actually getting the meaning, and think, "Same as it ever was".

No, not them either, but we're getting close.

The way they do it, the people who can now be considered 'social architects' - the artists, poets, and musician who aren't quite "Top 40" material... but who seem to know a thing or two about king-makers. They are kind of like technicians. I'm sure there's gotta be some kind of shop-talk, special lingo for it.

No, we're not talking about Stevie Wonder. Although he is part of this. He shines too bright. We're going to bring it down a notch. And focus on the visual media/medium. The technicians.

A Beautiful World:

'How did that song go?' he wonders.

It’s a beautiful world we live in
A sweet romantic place
Beautiful people everywhere,
The way they show they care, makes me want to say,
“It’s a beautiful world...For you...For you...”

'Cause he can remember the video. And how it punked him. Got him to think. Starting out with roses, blooming, blossoming, beauty pageants, snow, Diamond Head (Waikiki) in the background. Then it started. How people blow up or burn those bridges (meant to be comic) and then how they burn those crosses - not funny. Not funny at all.

Big business didn't like it.

You see what I mean? 

For you, is it beautiful?

Hope this was worth your time. 'Cause somethin' is starting to happen.

If this is indeed going to turn into some kind of divide and conquer, full of battles, a kind of civil war, I'm tempted as hell to say:

Let the profiteering begin!

It's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful world...


  1. People love to look at the negativity in the world. Myself included. I can always find something to complain about even when something good happens.

    It took me being a photographer to see how beautiful the world is, even in the densest of cities.

    1. Hard-K:

      Thanks for the feedback. Complaining... maybe I need to give myself a 'reality check' in order to make sure I haven't become a full-fledged complainer. Once upon a time I was pretty orthodox about that.

      We definitely got good happening here, but it isn't all happy-joy.

      Okay... your photos. Owe you some comments. Roughly half of what gets posted here are courtesy of the iPhone. That is, not photography. But, you probably figured that out from the get-go.

      Never really lived in a 'city', so to speak, so my concept of beauty tends to be more focused on the lines of what is growing, will grow, and might grow, both organic and otherwise. Anyway, good that you can find what's nice.

      Only recently came across David Choe's work and was blown away. Assuming that you are sill around LA, must be nice to be where you can access his work.



  2. For sure we're all living under that old Chinese curse about living in interesting times...

    However, I tend to take a more expansive view, from year zero to infinity... almost everything going on now and that will go on in the next hundred years will be forgotten by 99.9% of people living a thousand years from now...

    1. At this time, my 'expansive view' is limited to maybe a generation or two as the married with children phase is in full-swing (which is hopefully not headed toward a divorce-with-alimony, child-support, and self-pity phase).

      When I try to think about people a thousand years from now (like I'm doing now), Vonnegut's "Galápagos" comes to mind, and the furry little creature the Japanese bore. "If a bunch of them are lying around on a beach, and one of them farts, everybody else around laughs and laughs, just as people would have done a million years ago."

      As long as I can imagine, okay cling to, the dream that whoever, or whatever, comes in the future will laugh when someone farts while lying on the beach... I'm good. Will take that hope over percentages any day of the millennium.

  3. The DEVOlution has been coming for some time. Both sides flush with new idealogs and mercs waiting to side with the one that has something for them.

    1. DEVOlution... not many people get that part.

      A story there about a hired-gun. Two actually. One involved the 'high and tight' and another involved numbers. Savin' em' for later.

      Sometimes I think that mercs aren't worried about which side they are on. The only thing of concern is that there be more than one; one is not good, you need at least two.

      But, as the Bavarian once said, "I see nothing, I was not here... I did not even get up this morning!"