Silly Grins

Friday, March 23, 2012

Seasons: Last Fall

Last Fall

Before late summer leaves turned red
A trip was taken
Family in tow
To see, for the last time, one of the line
Perhaps several lifetimes ago
Eyes that had not met for ages

More than welcomed
They were congratulated
For having made it back
Back to time that was running out

A trip was taken
Family in tow
Hoping to hear of the story
Maybe one final telling
Of how the star-crossed lovers met
And defied the odds
Much like everything else

Expectations were to hear it again, to hear how
He’d gone in to buy
Only to leave with nothing of value
The voices in the room were bragging how they’d just sold
A whole bag of nothing

Only they were too late
Too late to realize when He’d come back
He came back from the trunk
Because they had sold Him junk

On hand was something like Louisville’s finest
Even those who were reaching under the table
Were not quite quick enough
Home run 

To hear Her tell the story
Of how they first met
Something akin to the truest of romances
Love at first sight
Expectations were to hear it again
But that story was not retold
There were just too many others

Too many other tales
And so little time
To just sit
And listen


  1. Ah....being sold a bag or oregano or flour is never a good feeling...glad it turned into something with a more than happy result ;)

    1. Quite an adventure for something that started off the way it did.

  2. "Expectations were to hear it again
    But that story was not retold
    There were just too many others"

    We find too much comfort in the familiar, don't we?

    1. Finding comfort is a challenge in the foreign land of Japan. To simply feel welcomed is kind of, well, alien. Seeing faces I'd never thought I'd see again, quite possibly for the last time, has been a real bonus in this life. To be recognized and met with smiles... good times. Crazy good.