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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Proceed with Caution

Do you ever think you're being watched? 
Some people would say that you are. 

Others might get angry at you for thinking such things. Either way, letters get opened. And then taped shut. It's all out in the open. 

Anything that you post on a blog, in a chat room, or in the comments section... it's kind of common knowledge that big money pays for back doors (or something like that).  

Or it could just be one of those electronic urban myths. 


Last paragraph. It's just too good to understand. 

Not like dots are being connected either, not like this.

Makes you wonder what model people might use and who will be contracted out for the work. Interesting. My guess is that a huge, expensive system isn't really needed, except that it's easier to ask for a bigger budget that way.

(From 1:20 - till whenever...)



  1. Most folks are too dumb to even realize how easy it all is. The wild card is the "why"...why they focus on one and not another....agendas...beefs...idealogical divides or just the God of God's....MONEY.

    1. (First paragraph is more for me. Second paragraph is more for you. The third sort of ties it together. All of the information is for whoever sees it.)

      The money thing. And The Seven Laws. Stewart Brand... his name keeps popping up, why, I am uncertain. Probably just what happens where there is a lot of 'noise' around. The mind tries to make sense of the static and ends up sending pictures. But this is kind of different. And Stewart's chapter is worth a read (though I can't admit to understanding or 'getting' all of it, there are definitely some nuggets of wisdom embedded in his Destination-Crisis Paper, 1971).

      "His most visible genius is an innocent, raw honesty. He thinks differently from everyone on everything [not anymore]. Combine this with fearlessness about saying what he feels or what is on his mind, and all of us around him are naked, like the Emperor in this new clothes [there was reference to this in a comment left after Kamo's anthem post a few days ago]. Stewart wins the competition for honesty hands down. I'm in here trying." Stewart was referred to as a 'cybernetician'... in 1974.

      So goes the introduction in a cast of characters at the beginning of a book. By M. Phillips. MasterCard... I think.

  2. This one I found interesting!!!
    I am absolutely paranoid about my email getting hacked into and my phone calls getting recorded and my letters read after a crazy host family in Japan managed to do just that.

  3. Bummer about the intrusion of your privacy.