Silly Grins

Monday, November 28, 2011

Three Horses for the Ride

Hardest thing is remembering...
"I'd needed to take three horses where we were going. Kind of nice, sleeping out under he stars. Three horses...that's how far and hard I had to ride. Herd had been let out to pasture and needed to be brought in. "

Yeah, I guess this was a roundup of sorts. Time to bring 'em all in. 

"When we got back and had them all together, one started to bloat. After a few days, it wasn't getting up. They said I could have know, they didn't really know what they were doing."

"Neither do I."

He just smiles. They both take a drink. "Well, I put a hole in his side and let it out. Mixed up some formula they use for calves with a little bit of kerosene and that thing was up and running around the next day. Eventually ended up selling it back to them. We all came out ahead."

"You must have had some good steak out there."

"You know what...I won't touch that stuff. A little pork. Bird, sure. But not beef, not after I've seen what we put in 'em."

"You're kidding. Really?" 

Shakes his head. "I'd go out every morning to the lot with a fat syringe and inject them with these orange pellets, they called it 'C-10', just behind the ear. Then they'd just get really hungry and eat like crazy. Would come by and do that every few days...they way they'd eat, I could hardly believe it. Whatever it was that was in them, I don't need any of that stuff in me."       


"After we were done for the season, I asked if I could stay. They said they couldn't pay much, but appreciated what I did. The other fellow working there went home at half-past four every day; I kept working till we were done with whatever we needed to do that day. You know, you really can't work by the hour...they said I could stay. They liked what I did. They understood that I needed a place to stay and didn't ask questions. "

Sometimes it's hard to remember everything...but I sure as hell wanted to. 


  1. "I kept working till we were done with whatever we needed to do that day."

    Almost every good thing in my life is related to this habit. It's uncommon. Must be.... cuz it always got me what I wanted while others bitched and moaned.

  2. Chris: An uncommon habit...hadn't really noticed till you mentioned it. Definitely better to be doing something other than watching the clock.

    Never enough time...