Silly Grins

Friday, November 25, 2011

Silk Dreams Are Made of These

Ships and Sails

For many people
Dreams are something 
To be had while asleep
And for others...well, they may have forgotten to close their eyes.
Even when it's a long way down. 




For the past seven years or so, they've been sailing the world. Nothing like a 40 foot sloop to call home...comfort that just goes on forever. Last I heard, they were on their way to Hawaii. With their two daughters. Yeah. The couple is barely forty-something and living their lives to the fool-est. 


  1. Nice one.
    I have met a few boats like this in Waterworld, young couples, with kids, jacked it all in, took huge risks doing so, but have never seen happier creatures on the planet, and the kids, wow, what a life they get to lead, rowing across flat bays of a morning, picking up people skills as they slip past other waterworlders waking up of a morning, sipping coffee in our cockpits, noticing the sunrise, move higher and higher, oh, noon is it, hmmmm, that was a lovely morning, appreciating nature in slow motion.
    I barely see the moon where I live right now, or a sunset or a sunrise, but in WW I saw all of the above every single day, even as I lay in my bunk, with the big hatch overhead, I could watch the moon dance as the boat slowly creaked it's way to the left, then a bit to the right, boy did that moon dance through the hatch.
    Inspiration to get back to that life, instead of sacrificing the rest of my own life for the sake of the little children with their heads stuck in their cell phones. Once I'm back out there again, you're very welcome to visit.

  2. 222: Thank you for the generous offer. Hadn't known that you were a water sign till actually going back to your blog and reading a few previous posts.
    Adopting to Japan's mainstream is not such a healthy way to live, in my opinion. I so do prefer to live at a pace that is more attuned to the ebb and flow of the tides and phases of the moon. That way of life may not be so glamorous, but I am enjoying the learning curve.
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Glad you enjoyed the visit.

  3. Hawaii......I need me some home right now....

  4. Chris: Japan as purgatorio...never thought of it quite like that until just now; I would like to believe you will complete your odyssey in time.

  5. mmmm, the phases of the moon. Tonight about fifty percent. Can see her well from my window.

  6. Bigg: Touched by her magic, moonstruck as the sound of gentle waves were almost forgotten... when the spell was broken, there was another soul who'd been sitting on a bench close-by. We looked at each other, she smiled and we went our separate ways.