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Monday, July 18, 2011

The "Why did you come here?" Question... (still intermission)

With the assistance of technology that gives a person access to virtually all of their pop 'culture' - the ability to recall just about anything that was ever printed or shown on a screen or a monitor is startling. And this all happened while I wasn't really paying attention.

So, why Japan? For a moment, I'll pretend to have an answer other than the honest truth (I haven't a clue).

Think Eiko Ishioka, not as a designer now living in New York, but the Eiko Ishioka that had a coffee table book published in 1990, "Eiko by Eiko", featuring most of her work for Parco.

She is/was connected with Kazumi Kurigami (a name I'd swear I'd never heard of 72 hours before this post).

He's responsible for something 
like the following 
31 seconds 

And if you are still up for it 
for at least 
another 90 seconds 
or so, 
Fay Dunaway 
consuming an egg

I'll never be able to watch anyone eat an egg, ever again.

In my mind, the Land of the Rising Sun was not full of the uber-kitsch. None of the women would dare wear their high school uniform and call it sexy. There were women here once (and maybe even now). But things have changed....

Ishioka's sense of what she saw, with people like Kurigami, were broadcasting something from here that I'd swear I've never encountered. 



  1. 男の人生の半分は、女のものかもしれない。

    those clips were brilliant.

    There is this famous Steve Jobs speech to an aula of graduates, where he is talking about how you can only clearly see the dots, and connect the dots, in retrospect. That one therefore never should be afraid to wander, leaving such dots at random (my words).

    Yes, surely I somewhat see the dots. But what to do'd rather like to erase a number of them?

    I wonder how that is for you.

  2. "There were women here once (and maybe even now). But things have changed...."

    There are still a few. Not as many as I'd imagined. The Kawaiiization has turned the women into high pitched submissive robots.....or men.

    Not a lot of balance..... in my neck of the woods anyway

  3. Bigg,

    My retrospect? The perspective I've "got" from looking at the dots is only recently starting to take some kind of shape. Though there are times that I wish I could erase a few, my whole perspective would undoubtedly be changed beyond what I could imagine.

    First time I've seen Job's speech (what I got):

    Following curiosity and intuition
    The lightness of being a beginner again
    You’ve got to find what you love

    Looking in the mirror and asking that question
    No reason not to follow your heart
    Getting things in order

    Foolish (and something else I can't recall this early in the morning)

  4. Chris: Kawaiization....a word I truly wish I didn't understand every time I see that knock-kneed walk or hear the high-pitched robo-talk.