Silly Grins

Friday, January 11, 2013


"In ten minutes or less?"


"That's pretty quick."

"Always pays to take precautions." 

"But I still wanna do it." 

"So, what are you going to do?" 

"Cook it, just to be safe... kind of like before." 

"What did you say it was again?" 

"Here... take a better look." 

 "So, how was it?"

"Pretty nasty. Glad I took the stinger out. Still ended up getting something stuck in the roof of my mouth. Tiny barbs."

"All this and you didn't bother to get a closeup picture?"

"Hang on a minute." 

"How's this?"

"Splen... hey! That's not a stinger."

"Need practice..."



  1. So what did you consume after your bee shot?

    I think the only drink I have every had with a "bug" in it was the tequila with the worm. And that was not immediately preceding or following a meal.

    As for an after dinner drink, I tend to go with a Tan Ferrari.

    1. Beer. Bad beer. For good beer here, you need to make your own. Which isn't happening at the moment. But it very well could.

      Have had plenty of bad as well as a little good tequila. The former was something like Azteca or Cuervo. After the bad, I couldn't touch the stuff for quite a while. Even the smell did me in. Herraradura eventually brought me back.

      The Ferrari looks like it'd keep me awake all night. Would be something to have after a day in the snow, which never happens anymore.

  2. Replies
    1. A decent stand would be good. Hard to keep it steady while trying to focus the thing. Bee butt was probably the best shot.

      An electron microscope sure would be nice. Looks like there's a bit of a sale on at Amazon. And some elementary kids somewhere in Miyagi got their own TM-1000, courtesy of Hitachi back in 2009. Punks.

  3. I couldn't imagine eating the deep fried suzumibachi let alone one in an alcoholic drink. Is this a common ritual over there?

  4. No, it is not that common. And I wouldn't recommend anything that's been in alcohol so long that it loses color. No telling if the thing was fresh when it first when in or how it died.

    The 'fresh' ones sauteed with a little salt on them taste like crab.