Silly Grins

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stolen Sun

Not too sure what happened along that trip into nowhere. One thing’s for sure, that nowhere was hot. 

And when it gets hot, best to watch out for what lay beneath. 

We’d stopped to make a phone call, to let them know when we’d be getting in. Even if it looked like we might make it ‘just in time for dinner’, no need to wait, really.

Exhausted, we weren’t trying to be polite, just practical. That’s all.

The heat was no excuse not to eat, not stay up all night, and not to partake in the festivities.

At least the roadside had warned about the snakes.

But there were no warnings about the trickster. Who seemed to be everywhere. At the gate. Before the door. 

Or perhaps just hanging out overhead as I slept. 

Everyone recognized me. But, to tell you the truth, I had a hard time recognizing everyone. No, people hadn't changed that way, not's just that they had grown wiser.  

So I listened...


  1. Welcome back bro.

    I Love Vegas and 107F is fine but you need constand hydration and the vegas strip has got your back on that so i was amazed at the oven like dryness and lack of sunburn since I was usually a bit closer to the sun in Hawaii.

    I can say without reservation that 107 in Vegas is better than 98 in Japan.

    The first will turn you into beef jerky if your not careful and the second just makes you wanna die until Autumn arrives.

    1. When oven-like dry hit 108, it was time to stop again.

      "Hey, it's not so bad," as he took a few steps, then realized that he really needed some hydration...anything to keep from burning up.

      Vegas, at any temperature, has got to be better than the humidity here. Fortunately, river-flow and ocean tides are close enough...minutes away.

      Ready to sweat some more till autumn falls.

      Thank you.

  2. I haven't really seen any of those guys out and about this year. Usually they are making their noise this time of the year. Enough to warrant a shot from my pellet gun.

    I get the green little parrots down here. about a dozen, easily, disturbing the peace on a nice sunday morning. Swaying back and forth on the lines.

    1. Where we stopped, there was nothing more than the drone of heaving vehicles on their way to wherever, usually away.

      Didn't quite make it far enough south enough to see any of the green swaying along the lines.

      Our first Sunday morning at one of the destinations served up a freshly-squeezed Bloody Mary, a meal itself, hair-of-the-mutt we'd been mauled by the night before. With a thick, crisp strip of bacon, a stalk of celery, along with an olive and friends...never thought I'd actually enjoy having one of those. An excellent way to restore the peace to that day of rest.

      Time to start getting caught up on posts and 'return the favor' with comments.

      Thank you.