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Friday, May 10, 2013

Professional Courtesy

Professional Courtesy: Dr. Mercy's Last Words 


Hang on, just a minute...

Just in case you kind of stumbled here, by chance, this is the fifth and final part of a series within a series, within a... you ___ ___ _____ . Near the bottom.

Go ahead, click stuff, I'll wait. 

Now, that we're as close to being on the same page as we're probably going to ever be, here goes:

"Will speaking."

" a minute?" 

"Sure. Shoot."

"Sorry we got cut off last night. I was really interested in what you were talking about. You were serious?"

"Yeah, always."

"So, you were telling me that this guy was nominated for a promotion..."

"To become the head of department in another institution. So, yeah, kind of like a promotion... recognition for outstanding work. An excellent track record."  

"And then they started fucking with him?"

"I guess you could put it that way. There were cash on delivery packages they hadn't ordered, sent to his home. Or the calls from the restaurants asking why the party of twelve or so hadn't shown up yet after the reservations had been made well in advance. He was being harassed. Knocks on the door and phone calls his wife had to answer. That kind of thing."

"You said his wife had to deal with some of that. I remember."

"Apparently, in this culture, people tend to not want to make waves and often end up eating the bill."

"But he told her it wasn't their responsibility."

"That's right. Humble people. Not proud fools about to be pushed around by fear of embarrassment. Honest people. Not like other professional types. Not like the people ordering stuff, making the reservations in his name or calling at odd and very inconvenient times."

"What about the accusations that led to the investigation?"

"The way it's done here is that once the anonymous charges are made, everything gets combed through. Accounts are double-checked. They go through all your stuff. The audits are fairly thorough. A bit of an 'inconvenience' - to put it mildly."

"Did he ever find out who did it, who made the accusations in first place?"

"No. But he did say it was a 'coordinated effort'. He was never worried, though he did make it a point to let me know what was going on, why he wasn't working on what he felt he needed to be working on until the storm had passed. They'd put him on lockdown while the number-crunchers got a little meticulous." 

"So, those cunts were sore losers. And they just had to mess with him. I can't believe it!"

"Sometimes I wonder why he told me these things. And I realize that, in some ways, he was letting me know about the social terriain, maybe point out a few markers to navigate by. He was honest, not naive. A solid person. A real professional. One of the very few I've met."  

"Speaking of professionals, is someone there talking about prostitutes?"

"I wasn't listening. Hey, gotta go now... time to hang this thing up."

Thank you for your time and patience.


  1. If I had read that script as one of the actors in the foreground and knew what was going on in the background, I never would have been able to keep a straight face...

    "So, those cunts were sore losers. And they just had to mess with him. I can't believe it!"

    These are the words of a man who'd like to make those 'cunts' pay for their fuckery. I like him very much...

  2. Hospitals can be scary places. I was 14 and hospitalized for pneumonia for a week. In that week, I had one roomie. She was a diabetic who decided she needed candy and ended up in the hospital for it. During her brief stay (3 hours before she was transferred to ICU) someone dropped a sharp. I happened to notice it on my way to the restroom. Being an Honest John I notified a nurse, I could have easily said I pricked my nude foot with it and sued.

    The same hospital's negligence also claimed my grandma's leg and ultimately her life since her old body didn't quite bounce back after the amputation. -_-

    You were given a decent heads up about how certain business run things: dirty and underhanded.

    1. Sorry to hear about your gran'ma.

      "Anyone whose hands never get dirty ain't working."

      Deny and defend appears to be the pattern of practice, albeit with a bit of delay.

      Good or bad, luck does seem to favor the prepared.

      Being there, taking notes, understanding about rules... tacked on the advice from one of the Hackerspaces 'cause it kind of explains specific things I may someday need to know as well as giving me a framework I want to adapt and use.

      The 'heads up' came from a down to earth source; I honor that.